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Manchester Based Accredited Life Coach

Life is for living, not just surviving

Welcome to Open That Door, I’m Christin and my journey in the holistic world began in early 2019 when I became a fully certified Life Coaching Professional. I received my qualifications from the Neuro-linguistic Programming coaching company to become a Life Coach and have been helping my clients in the Greater Manchester region achieve their personal and professional goals. Becoming a life coach has been a passion of mine for several years after I personally experienced some very difficult times, I often blamed the world for the injustice in my life and I was unable to accept the responsibility and consequences of my poor choices. I made the change and transformed my life for the better which is when I decided to help others.

I chose the Neuro-linguistic Programming coaching company for my qualification because they are specialists in Transformational Coaching, and now so am I. We all have boundaries and sometimes they need to be expanded in order to find a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing. This can be achieved through effective life coaching and together we can Open That Door to happiness. Call to arrange a free consultation from an accredited life coach and we can discuss what I can do for you.

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What other clients have said about Open That Door

I would highly recommend Christin.. after initially talking over some of the issues I had, Christin told me in depth what techniques she felt could help. I was very worried at first and unsure I would benefit but once we got started I felt comfortable and at ease. Christin was very supportive throughout and ensured she worked at a pace suitable for me. Christin also worked with me on writing out some goals for me to work towards.. these have been positive and manageable goals which have really helped me. I would also say Christin goes above and beyond when it comes to her different techniques and gives lots of positive encouragement to keep you going throughout her time with you.

Ami Elizbeth

Christin offered me a mixture of life coaching and NLP sessions that I was very skeptical about at first. I wasn't sure if it was for me and whether it would help at all. I was however able to relax very well once we started the video call sessions. I had some immediate results like a lower pulse on days I was very stressed and some things we worked on that were a process that took some time. My life has changed for the better since and I can highly recommend these sessions to anyone who might need them.

Monika Wegner

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Because we are accredited by the ACCPH, you can have total confidence that we have all of the qualifications we say we have along with full Professional Liability Insurance.

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